Tokyo, Japan

1-10 employees

exiii Inc.

Tokyo, Japan

1-10 employees

Augmented Reality, Hardware, Robotics, Virtual Reality


Consumer Electronics


Information Technology


Hardware, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

About Company

With our expertise in robotics and VR, we provide all-in-one product development services from rapid prototyping to mass-production-ready design. In addition to consumer devices, we are specialized in robotics and VR wearables. Especially, we have expertise in complicated mechanical design, along with device case design, rapid prototyping, design evaluation and more. We can provide circuit and board design, with experiences in complicated motor control and wireless communication via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As we are able to communicate in Japanese, English, Chinese, we can help projects with global teams / vendors. We are specialized in VR application development using Unity. We also have deep knowledge and experiences in PC or mobile application development, hardware control, firmware development, network development and more.

Media Headline

exiii integrated EXOS Hand to the multimodal AI robot dual arm project, led by Denso Wave. The system demoed actions like folding a towel, serving salad at International Robot Exhibition. EXOS Gripper DK1 was also used for teaching of the robot system.​​

Products & Services

By applying counter force to 2 directions, palmer / dorsal flexion and radial / ulnar abduction, EXOS Wrist DK2 simulates haptic feedback when you touch virtual objects.​ ​

This is a robot hand unit with 6DoF, which can be used for remote machine control, research and development and more. It comes with C# sample programs. By combining with EXOS Hand Unit Control Box, the hand can be controlled from the PC via USB connection. You can also make it work standalone without Control Box. In this case, please operate according with Futaba's communication method.


We make EXOS, a wearable haptic device for XR.


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Yoji Miki

Software Engineer

Yamato Kaneko

COO / Product Lead

Hiroshi Yamaura

Co-Founder / CEO

Tetsuya Konishi

Co-Founder / Chief Designer

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