San Francisco, CA, USA

11-50 employees


San Francisco, CA, USA

11-50 employees


Information Technology

Commerce and Shopping


3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, E-Commerce, Artificial intelligence

About Company

Designhubz is a web-based 3D and Augmented Reality(AR) platform for brands and retailers. Our end-to-end SaaS platform and advanced digitization rigs convert entire physical inventories into 3D and AR views in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months. With Designhubz, anyone can deliver a try-before-you-buy online shopping experience by enabling immersive 3D and AR product visualizations that have proven to drive conversions and reduce returns.

Founder’s Story

Designhubz empowers eCommerce websites and apps with 3D & Try-On Augmented Reality visualization, and an AI Recommendation engine that enables a hyper-personalized shopping experience. Our AI recommendation engine, an integral part of our Try-On experience, extracts data from live users, their behavior and overall platform analytics toformulate a comprehensive profile, and recommend hyper-personalized products that would fit them and match their style. We bring the in-store shopping experience to online retail by creating the next generation eCommerce interface for today's consumers and brands.

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40% increase in conversions seen by brands that have adopted 3D & augmented reality in their online shopping experience


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