Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Creatinno Tech : Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solution Provider

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1-10 employees

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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 360 Imagery, Creative Content Creator, Digital Solution

About Company

Creatinno started its operation back in 2019 and has since delivered over 50 projects, 5 mobile apps, and plenty of AR filters for over 12 clients. Our company name "Creatinno" is coined from the words "Creative" and "Innovative", as we believe both of these criteria will be essential in the future across different industries. Therefore, In Creatinno, we strive to deliver digital solutions to businesses by using technology creatively to improve their business processes for example marketing and sales.

Founder’s Story

With Jacqueline seeing AR/VR technology being underused and gain the perception by the public as something that is only useful for gimmicky purposes. And Steven seeing many businesses refuse to adopt AR/VR technology into their business although it is very useful for them as the cost for it is very high. Steven together with Jacqueline started Creatinno with the mission: Make AR/VR technology accessible and affordable for businesses in a creative, innovative, and meaningful way.

Products & Services

AR E-commerce Solution for Furniture and Home Deco Company

AR Solution for Personal Branding

AR Solution for Edutainment


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