Tainan, Taiwan

11-50 employees

True Sense Technology

Tainan, Taiwan

11-50 employees

We're focused on Traversing machine experience technology. a system integration company that combines ICT, miniature world model, remote control car and Somatosensory device. Our TrueSense system will bring experiencer to a real-world 1/24-sized miniature world, It's like Alice in Andersen's fairy tale.


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Traversing machine experience, miniature world, Remote control car, Somatosensory device, 360 degree rotation

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We're a system integration company, focused on traversing machine experience technology. We build a 1:24 miniature world . Through our TrueSense system and 1/24-sized remote-control car, peoples just sit in the somatosensory chair, and put on the FPV glasses, TrueSense system will bring them to a magic miniature world. People's vision, hearing, smell.... All brought into that world, The 1/24-sized car becomes the incarnation of the experiencer, It's like the“Avatar”movie plot . The experiencer can realize his dreams: driving a LaFerari sports car at 300 km/hr on Pan-American Highway, going back in the ancient times, meeting the dinosaur (as your body shrinks to 1/24 size, the little lizard will become a big dinosaur), .., and so on. (Line ID : redtomlin)

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The world's first system that lets you drive into a miniature world (such as Lego Worlds) to play

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"Drive your dream in our True Sense World”


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Redtom Lin

Chairman & CEO

Jinn-Kwei Guo

Chief Technology Officer

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