Barcelona, Spain

1-10 employees


Chordata Motion

Barcelona, Spain

1-10 employees


Motion capture made yours


Consumer Electronics

Media and Entertainment



Motion Capture, Mocap, Hardware, 3D, Animation

About Us

Chordata is an open-source motion capture system that is flexible enough to capture from any device or even straight from your smartphone! The framework is adapted for multiple use cases in thriving sectors such as Virtual Reality, sports health, rehabilitation, animation, video game development or digital arts. The possibility to capture movement data form an open-source platform expands the possibilities of this technology to unimaginable frontiers. Chordata aims to lead this technological change by providing an accessible and modular system that easily integrates with any imaginable setup.

Upcoming Plan

Take a look at our Development Roadmap to know our future developments!

Feb 17, 2020

Product Feature


Juancho Casañas

Co-founder & Business Lead

Bruno Laurencich

Co-founder & Tech Lead

Lorenzo Micozzi Ferri

Technical Artist Lead

Flavia Laurencich Percossi

Co-founder & Communications Lead

Press Contact

Flavia Laurencich Percossi