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ChaseWind Co. Ltd, is an innovative design company that aims to provide the best smart sport and healthcare devices. We are currently designing cycling smart glasses which provides a HUD interface, health management software, video streaming, and cloud services. The vision of the company is to create a healthy and joyful lifestyle for people, and we are dedicated to inspiring communities to create a smart and convenient world.

Founder’s Story

William is a maker with enthusiasm, and usually a winner in hackathon and innovation competitions. He dedicated in engineering research and development area since he graduated from National Chiao Tung University, NCTU in Taiwan. He worked in HTC and Intel innovation center before. With his great curiosity to the technology and design, he experienced a broad range of developments from hardware, firmware, application, cloud, to UI/UX design. Now he leads a group of makers and hackers from HTC and Intel, and establishes ChaseWind to make the smart glasses for cycling. Try to make this world a little different.

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Cycling Glasses

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