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101-500 employees

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BROGENT is a diverse technology company, with rich experience in digital content creation. Our main lines of business include software and hardware R&D, manufacturing and system integration, theater design, planning and construction capabilities. We can deliver single subsystems as well as entire projects. After years of research and development, we are using our core technology and are combining it with the latest 3D dynamic simulation technology to produce simulation systems and game applications that provide a new generation of products for theme parks or large-scale amusement- and leisure venues. Thanks to our creative knowledge and engineering capabilities, we can use our virtual reality technology to turn your imagination into reality. Tell us your story; we will turn it into a ride experience!

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The whole universe will be brought by Brogen Technologies to your room - Home Theater set.

Products & Services

i-Ride features an electrical motion base with suspended seating that is pushed towards a giant dome screen. The positioning of the seating very close to the screen and the smooth motion system allow the simulation of highly realistic flight experiences with different degrees of thrill.

New design of 180-degree rotating gondolas Offering agile movements of swing, pitch and yaw, to create an unforgettable ride experience

The basket is gently swinging in the air, while riders are enjoying stunning views of the world’s most famous landmarks and the balloon is crossing blue oceans and green grasslands.


The entertainment industry is vast and is a reflection of the society we live in.

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