Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 employees


Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 employees

Healthy.Sustainable.Social Impact



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Personal Care products, Social Enterprise, Custom-made CSR products and services, Essential oils and spa cervices, Organic and natural

About Company

Blueseeds is the pioneer to provide real 100% natural personal care products and essential oils with 0 artificial chemicals. Our herbs are grown with sustainable natural farming and our proprietary natural extraction know-how preserves the integrity of herbs. Our breakthrough mass production of soapwort to replace chemical surfactants enables us to offer cleansers without any artificial chemicals involved. We are one of the few brands to integrate the whole herb value chain and use blockchain technology to ensure the traceability. Our customization capabilities and innovative B2B CSR and subscription business model enable us to be a fast growing and profitable social enterprise. Blueseeds champions 14 out of 17 of the United Nation’s SDGs. We are dedicated to offer exceptional herbal remedies while contributing to environmental and social benefits. We are the best CSR partners for corporates.

Founder’s Story

** Company Pitch: As a successful serial entrepreneur, Ms. Stephanie Chan already had her two high tech companies went IPO. However, she got sick and had suffered from serious transdermal toxic for years. She just realized it was mainly because of the chemical environmental hormones contained in the daily use shampoo and body wash. Our skin absorbs up to 60 % of what we apply on it. After years of research, the magic ingredient soapwort was successfully mass produced. Blueseeds was founded to solve the world-wide environmental hormones problems.

Media Headline

* We are currently building our blockchain based uber-like spa lady online platform. * We are also building "insurance agent" direct sales platform.

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We offers exceptional and therapeutic herbal remedies while contributing to environmental and social benefits. ~ Healthy. Sustainable. Social Impact~

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