11-50 employees

Series B

BELX Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

11-50 employees

Series B

World Leader in Botanical New Drug Development




Botanical new drug, cancer treatment, combination treatment, Novel mechanism

About Company

BELX Biopharmaceuticals is a research and development biotech company, aiming at developing botanical new drugs to treat tumors and chronic diseases. The company is playing a leadership role in Taiwan and aspires to contribute its best efforts to improve the medical and healthcare benefits for humankind.

Founder’s Story

BELX Bio-Pharmaceutical (BELX) focuses on the innovation and optimization of new drug development to maximize its products’ value. The vision of the company is to use “green and environmental protection technology manufactured” botanical new drugs to give mankind health and vitality, thereupon extending love to the entire society. The company's predecessor was a government-funded botanical new drug development project initiated by Dr. SF Chang at Industrial Technology and Research Institute (ITRI) in 2000. Under her leadership and aided by team efforts and collaborations with top institutes and hospitals in Taiwan, the project not only met its milestones, but also generated unexpected, great results. In 2015, a phase I clinical trial protocol was approved by US FDA. Based on the enormous market value of the candidate drug, with encouragements from ITRI's policies, Dr. Chang decided to form BELX in 2016 with a deep conviction to commercialize BEL-X to help improve human health.

Media Angle

The phase I trial of developing botanical new drug, BEL-X, was completed in April, 2020. The data demonstrated very positive benefits for cancer patients, therefore, we are planning for multiple phase II trials for cancer treatments. We will start our B round fund raising in the 2nd half of 2020 with the goal of US$15 million. In addition, the company is actively seeking licensing and/or co-development partners.


Green, Innovation, and Love for Your Health

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