Arlington Heights, IL, USA

11-50 employees


Arlington Heights, IL, USA

11-50 employees

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surgery, clinical, spine system, augmented reality navigation, medical device

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With Augmedics, the future of surgery is in sight. The Chicago-based company aims to improve healthcare by augmenting surgery with cutting edge technologies that solve unmet clinical needs and instill technological confidence in the surgical workflow. Its pioneering xvision system, the first augmented reality navigation technology to be used in surgery, allows surgeons to see the patient’s anatomy through skin and tissue as if they have “x-ray vision,” allowing them to more accurately navigate instruments and implants during procedures. For more information, visit

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Having closed a $21 million Series B round 11 months ago, augmented reality-based imaging company Augmedics raised $36 million in an oversubscribed Series C financing round during Covid-19 pandemic.

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It's time to summarize 2020. Obviously, it wasn't the year we all hoped it would be. Instead of celebrating the launch of #xvision system, we had to face unprecedented challenges caused by the Coronavirus. But even with a global pandemic and when the world came to a halt, Augmedics people heroically executed most of the plans we had for this year. True winners! We sold 18 full xvision Systems, 62 Headsets, to 17 Hospitals, 239 Surgeries performed, and more than 1,200 pedicle screws implanted with the xvision. Invincible. Unstoppable. We are now ready to continue this momentum into 2021, bringing our game changing “see through surgery" technology to more facilities, empowering more surgeons, and truly revolutionizing spine surgery landscape forever.

Augmedics’ groundbreaking xvision Spine system (XVS) is the first augmented reality (AR) navigation system to be used in surgery. xvision Spine allows surgeons to visualize their patients’ 3D spinal anatomy during surgery as if they had “x-ray vision,” helping them to accurately navigate instruments and implants while looking directly at the patient, rather than a remote screen.

A deeper look on how Augmedics has changed surgeon technology. “Traditional systems require you to look away from the patient, towards a remote screen, which is not a natural or intuitive way to do things. The stakes are high with a procedure around the central nervous system, and any error can be catastrophic,” says Timothy Witham MD.


The xvision system has demonstrated a 98.9% overall percutaneous implant placement accuracy, eliminates the attention shift of referring to a separate screen and adds these features to potentially decreasing the radiation exposure demonstrated through traditional fluoroscopy-based procedures. An additional published study yielded non-inferiority results over published freehand studies*

*Molina, C. A., Theodore, N., Ahmed, A., Westbroek, E. M., Mirovsky, Y., Harel, R., Orru’, E., Khan, M., Witham, T., & Sciubba, D. M.

(2019). Augmented reality–assisted pedicle screw insertion: a cadaveric proof-of-concept study, Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine SPI, 31(1), 139-146


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