Taipei, Taiwan

1-10 employees


Taipei, Taiwan

1-10 employees

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XR, AR, AR marketing

About Company

AR Plaza is a brand-new AR interactive platform that applies in both indoor and outdoor environments. With a unique positioning technique, AR PLAZA can provide participants a more immersive interactive experience. Four Features of AR PLAZA: ✔ Immersive AR experience: AR PLAZA combines innovative technology and creative curation to present an interactive panoramic AR experience. ✔Precise spatial positioning: With the unique light positioning technology, placing AR objects are quicker and more accurate now. ✔Multiplayer real-time interaction: Multiple players interact in real-time, enjoying a gamification AR experience with your friends. ✔Collect data of interaction: Provide analyzed data of AR interaction, keeping abreast of user behavior at all times.

Media Headline

Well-skilled technique company to perform large-scale AR interactive exhibitions. AR PLAZA is the first to debut a brand-new AR interactive display platform in Taiwan.

Products & Services

shARk encounter: World's First 5G+AR Aquarium Show Flying sharks come alive in Taiwan! Presented by AR PLAZA, 2021

To provide an immersive AR interactive experience, we made a brand-new platform AR Plaza debut at VOGUE FNO Taipei fashion week. With only two easy steps: download APP and scan the lighting tag. Participants can interact with several Taiwanese super idols and follow them to experience various pop-up shops; Meanwhile, these super idols could improve potential sales rates by leading participants to online stores.

Use AR technology to display various aquatic animals and sharks. Participants can interact closely with sea creatures by downloading AR PLAZA APP.


AR Plaza aims to provide the market with a new immersive AR interactive experience service with the combination of technology curation energy and Taiwan's unique positioning technique.


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Cori Shieh

Product Supervisor

Jung Tu

Account Manager

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Cori Shieh