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AirTree Inc. is committed to aerial farming (Aeroponics), a smart farming method for planting fruits and vegetables in a vertical way of air and mist environment. The vertical cultivation method is characterized by water saving, energy saving and land saving. It is an evolutionary version of hydroponic cultivation, and the economic benefits are significantly ahead of the traditional soil planting.

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In September 2019, the world's fifth base of vertical farm was established in Taiwan Taoyuan Bade. Airtree's Fruits and vegetables, which are widely loved by market consumers. After six months of operation, Airtree has earned a surplus, which is in line with the environmental protection and food safety issues of the UN World Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is worth investing and promoting to the global markets.

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*Significant reduction in the usage of water; *Growth of plants is much faster; *Vegetables are growing bigger and healthier; *No need to use artificial fertilizer or pesticides *Reduction in land in terms of growing the same amount of crops; *Easier to setup for year round use; *Reduced loss from pests and disease; *No weeding or bending down labor needed.

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