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AceReal is a Business Division of Sun Corporation サン電子株式会社, dedicated to the development of a total solution system that combines a wearable computer shaped like a pair of glasses with Apps, to provide business support applications, as well as a software development kit called AceReal SDKsoftware. Thanks to the expertise provided by Sun Corporation and the AceReal capability to build reliable made-in-Japan quality technology, the AceReal One solution revamp nowadays field work style. By using Augmented Reality technology, AceReal One is designed to be used to streamline on-site work in manufacturing, maintenance, medical care, education sectors and more, as well as for attractions in amusement facilities.

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AceReal AR smart glasses, an innovative tool that promises to be the perfect allied during Covid-19 pandemic

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AceReal AR smart glasses specially built for field work, reliable made-in-Japan quality

Get to know the features and advantages of AceReal smart glasses, All-in-one solution!

AceReal One the perfect solution that helps professionals to boost productivity during Covid times


The communication line, AceReal Apps service (app), and AceReal® One (smart glasses) are packaged, and it is attractive that settings and operations are smooth. AceReal's staff also made suggestions tailored to our company, and I thought it would be nice to have a lot of support. The deciding factor for the introduction is the sense of trust and security unique to DoCoMo.

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